The new 2022 CushPocket™ Wheelchair Bag is a true must-have accessory bag for your wheelchair and is the perfect bag for carrying valuables on the go. It’s big to carry everything you need, including phones, pill bottles, keys, catheters, hand sanitizer, and so much more. It's never better when the things you need are convenient to reach at an arm's length. The CushPocket™ is a stylish accessory bag for men and women of any age.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - Will the CushPocket™ fit on my wheelchair?

A - Yes, your CushPocket™ will fit on any electric or manual wheelchair with a removable seat cushion, including brands such as Permobil, Quantum, Tilite, Invacare and Quickie.

Q - How does the CushPocket™ stay in place on the wheelchair?

A - The flexible board has two 8-inch strips of Velcro® attached, just like your seat cushion Velcro®, and it stays in place really well with a person's body weight. While not required, two extra strips of 8-inch Velcro® are supplied and can be stuck on your wheelchair to help hold the CushPocket™ in place.

Q - Where can I get more Velcro® for my CushPocket™?

A - Please email cushpocket@gmail.com for extra pieces.