It’s not a big bulky bag to lug around, but a true accessory for your wheelchair seat cushion. The Cushpocket™ is the perfect pocket pouch for carrying valuables on the go. The perfect size to carry phones, pill bottles, keys, catheters, and so much more; convenient at arms length. It's a stylish accessory for men and woman of any age.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - Will the Cushpocket™ fit on my wheelchair?
A - Yes, your Cushpocket™ will fit on any electric or manual wheelchair with a removable seat cushion, including brands such as Permobile, Quantum, Tilite, Invacare and Quickie.


Q - How does the Cushpocket™ stay in place on the wheelchair?

A - The flexible board has two 7-inch strips of Velcro® attached, just like your seat cushions Velcro®, and stays in place really well with a person's body weight. Not required - but two extra strips of 7-inch Velcro® are supplied and can be stuck on your wheelchair to help hold the Cushpocket™ in place.

Q - Is this a new Cushpocket™?

A - Yes, this is the second model of the Cushpocket™.  The older model Cushpocket™ Wheelchair Pocket was difficult for customers to get their hands inside the bag, and wasn't big enough to close the zipper when holding things.  People's feedback was they used it to hold just one important valuable, usually without closing the zipper. Customers still loved their Cushpocket™ and would buy another one with the modifications made.

We listened to all our customer's feedback and made the necessary modifications.  Customers expressed how much they loved the convenience, easy to use, and its great addition to their wheelchair.  So we made it even more convenient and easier to use and still not big and bulky.  We increased the size from 6 inches to 7 inches wide and 1 inch to 3 inches deep to hold more valuables, and easier to get your hands into, while rolling with your valuables zipped up. We used a better, lighter, cleaner black Oxford fabric.


Q - Why should I buy the Cushpocket™?

  1. When your at the store, you can’t find your wallet, just check your Cushpocket™, stop stressing, it’s right there.
  2. Your going on a plane and have to willingly give up your chair for storage under the plane.  Just fill your Cushpocket™ with your valuables and board the plane. No more digging through a bag to find just what you need.
  3. You can't find your car keys, guess what, check your Cushpocket™ and this ingenious storage solution will save the day again.
  4. Because it looks clean, professional and with great style for your wheelchair!
  5. If I transfer to a chair, I can either pull my chair close, and there is my Cushpocket™ to keep my phone, and other stuff.  Or because it removes easy, pull it off and keep it next to me, then slide it back on before I transfer back.  
  6. If I’m cooking in the kitchen and need a spot to keep my phone close by, no worries, stuff it in your Cushpocket™ and your cooking.
  7. I have a date with my wife and were going somewhere nice and I don't want to bring my backpack, I want something convenient, and nice looking on my manual or electric wheelchair to carry just what I need and maybe a little more.  
  8. Your heading out the door, but need your medication later.  The new Cushpocket was designed bigger, to hold your pill bottles, phone, money and more necessities. 
  9. Your lap is full of stuff, just drop it in your Cushpocket™ and keep rolling.  It's an arms length away for your most essential needs.
  10. The last reason why you should buy the Cushpocket™, because you need it. Buy Now