It’s not a big bulky bag to lug around, but a true accessory for your wheelchair seat cushion.  The Cushpocket™ is the perfect pocket for carrying valuables on the go.  The perfect size to carry cards, keys, catheters, and so much more. It's a stylish accessory for men and woman of any age.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Will the Cushpocket™ fit on my wheelchair?
- Yes, your Cushpocket™ will fit on any electric or manual wheelchair with a removable seat cushion, including brands such as Permobile, Quantum, Tilite, Invacare and Quickie.

What are the Cushpocket™ dimensions?

How does the Cushpocket™ stay in place on the wheelchair?
- The flexible board has two 6-inch strips of Velcro® attached, just like your seat cushions Velcro®, and stays in place really well with a person's body weight. Not required - but two extra strips of Velcro® are supplied and can be stuck on your wheelchair to help hold the Cushpocket™ in place.    

How to Install:

Step 1. Clean the seat sling or seat pan on your manual or electric wheelchair.  

Step 2. Mark the front and sides where you want to put your Cushpocket™.  Remove film from Velcro® and firmly press the Cushpocket™ on your wheelchairs clean, dry surface. Wait one hour for adhesive to set.