It’s not a big bulky bag to lug around, but a true accessory for your wheelchair seat cushion. The Cushpocket™ is the perfect pocket pouch for carrying valuables on the go. The perfect size to carry phones, pill bottles, keys, catheters, and so much more; convenient at arm's length. It's a stylish accessory for men and women of any age.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - Will the Cushpocket™ fit on my wheelchair?
A - Yes, your Cushpocket™ will fit on any electric or manual wheelchair with a removable seat cushion, including brands such as Permobile, Quantum, Tilite, Invacare and Quickie.


Q - How does the Cushpocket™ stay in place on the wheelchair?

A - The flexible board has two 7-inch strips of Velcro® attached, just like your seat cushions Velcro®, and stays in place really well with a person's body weight. Not required - but two extra strips of 7-inch Velcro® are supplied and can be stuck on your wheelchair to help hold the Cushpocket™ in place.


Why Buy

  1. When your at the store, you can’t find your wallet, just check your Cushpocket™, stop stressing, it’s right there.
  2. Your going on a plane and have to willingly give up your chair for storage under the plane.  Just fill your Cushpocket™ with your valuables and board the plane. No more digging through a bag to find just what you need.
  3. You can't find your car keys, guess what, check your Cushpocket™ and this ingenious storage solution will save the day again.
  4. Because it looks clean, professional and with great style for your wheelchair!
  5. If I transfer to a chair, I can either pull my chair close, and there is my Cushpocket™ to keep my phone, and other stuff.  Or because it removes easy, pull it off and keep it next to me, then slide it back on before I transfer back.  
  6. If I’m cooking in the kitchen and need a spot to keep my phone close by, no worries, stuff it in your Cushpocket™ and your cooking.
  7. I have a date with my wife and were going somewhere nice and I don't want to bring my backpack, I want something convenient, and nice looking on my manual or electric wheelchair to carry just what I need and maybe a little more.  
  8. Your heading out the door, but need your medication later.  The new Cushpocket™ was designed bigger, to hold your pills, phones, money and more necessities. 
  9. Your lap is full of stuff, just drop it in your Cushpocket™ and keep rolling.  It's an arms length away for your most essential needs.
  10. It is truly a must have wheelchair storage pocket stylish accessory.