The NEW Cushpocket™

an ingenious storage solution.

The NEW Cushpocket™ Wheelchair Pocket


The NEW Cushpocket™ Wheelchair Pocket


The NEW Cushpocket™ is here.  We listened to our valued customers who love how convenient the Cushpocket™ is.  Now it’s more convenient and bigger to hold more of your valuables, zipped up and rolling. It’s made with a better, still affordable, smooth light black Oxford fabric, and easy to clean. The embroidered name CUSHPOCKET.COM adds a different look.  TheCushpocket™ bag was made 7 inches wide to accommodate more valuables, like phones, wallets, and keys, also made 3 inches deep for a person to get their hands into, more accessible and easier to close. It has the same great features of keyring style zipper, 2 Velcro® pieces attached, with 2 extra pieces supplied and 2 pockets to keep things separated.  It is made to slide under any removable seat cushions for electric and manual wheelchairs. This is truly an essential accessory for your wheelchair to keep your valuable's at arm’s length.


  • Durable, lightweight black Oxford fabric.
  • 10” x 7” strong, bendable black-board with 2qty. 1”x7” Velcro® strips fixed to the board and a handle hole to carry.
  • Quality keyring style zipper
  • Embroidered font CUSHPOCKET.COM name, different from the prototype in the pictures.
  • Fits both electric and manual wheelchairs with removable seat cushions, no hardware required.
  • 2 extra strips of Velcro® supplied for the user to be attached to their chair for extra holding.
  • Durable, yet flexible board with Velcro® attached and slides under any removable seat cushion.
  • Outside pocket with Velcro® flap, perfect for keeping things separate.  
  • Perfect size to carry your phones, wallets, keys, medicine, catheters zipped up and rolling.

Team Cushpocket™ continues to innovate! We’re now offering a bigger model of the Cushpocket™. For the same great price of $14.99, you’ll be able to increase your carrying capacity and get your hands inside the bag easier! It’s a simple solution to help keep your mind at ease knowing everything is safe in your Cushpocket™.

    You are viewing a prototype and customer’s pre-ordered Cushpocket™ will be a black-board attached to the bag, with a different embroidery font saying CUSHPOCKET.COM

    Availability: January 20, 2020

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    Bag Specifications:
    Length: 7 inches
    Width:  7 inches
    Height: 3 inches - Deep