About Us

I'm Jason Leuck—a father and entrepreneur. Despite being paralyzed from the chest down due to a spinal cord injury, I've embraced entrepreneurship with determination.

I have a background in entrepreneurship, sales, and product development, with mechanical skills. My experience includes product development, sourcing, marketing, B2B/B2C, and social media management. I have strong leadership skills and a track record of successful projects. I use manual and power wheelchairs for daily mobility.

In 2008, I was paralyzed in a car accident in Omaha, Nebraska. My car lost control, went off the road, and hit a train ravine. A motorist called an ambulance, and I was resuscitated at the scene. After a coma and stays in three hospitals, I went to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska. Following six months of rehab, I returned to Omaha for about two years. While reading a newspaper at the chiropractor's office, I learned about Lokomat Therapy at Madonna. I moved back to Lincoln to start the therapy and have lived here for over ten years. During this time, I've had several jobs, started a food cart business, met my fiancé, and found my passion for creating products for people with spinal cord injuries and disabilities.

In 2017, I wanted to solve a common problem for wheelchair users: losing or forgetting valuables. I designed the CushPocket Wheelchair Storage Bag, which easily attaches to wheelchairs without being bulky. Using my experience in my dad's shop, I created a bag that slides under a wheelchair seat cushion and secures with Velcro. In 2019, I launched the CushPocket Wheelchair Storage Bag.

All my products are original innovations—no copycats here.

30 years of experience in product development!

Invention: Pneumatic Can Crusher          Omaha, Nebraska         1995


Our mission at CushPocket Wheelchair Company is to innovate and continually improve!