Where ELSE to use your CushPocket

The CushPocket is a beautiful bag, offering more storage than it appears, and it's also highly durable with its 600D Oxford Fabric. The bag is riveted to a bendable, strong plastic board. This board has two pieces of Velcro attached, allowing you to place the CushPocket anywhere. Here is a list of just some places to use your CushPocket.

  1. My brother uses his CushPocket in his Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab with the front seat bench console. 
  2. I use a few on my desk to hold stuff. Honestly, the one on the front of my desk is my favorite; I use it to hold everything! 
  3. You can use it at your bedside, sliding it under your bed mattress. Here, you can store remotes, medication, dog treats, or anything else you need.
  4. Yes, under your sofa is another great spot to hold your TV remote, something we're always looking for. 
  5. It's also handy for a baby stroller.
  6. Cabs of heavy equipment—stick it anywhere, and take it home when you're done. My father uses his in an old Caterpillar 12E Grader. 
  7. Of course, you can use it on anything with a removable cushion!
  8. Stick the Velcro anywhere, and you have a bag that you can take and carry with you!

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