Make Your Life Easier!!

Make Your Life Easier!!

Stop forgetting your wallet, keys, and essentials when leaving the house!

It's frustrating when you can't find your wallet or phone. No worries – that's the primary reason I created the CushPocket Bag.

Everything you need is just an arm's length away!

When you're in bed, no worries – your CushPocket is right there. Whether you need something or want to hold a drink, it's convenient!

It's a must-have when you travel!!!

If I were in school, this would be ideal.

It keeps your chair looking clean and stylish – no straps!

If you're late or in a hurry, the CushPocket is always ready to hold your things. Zip it if you need to; otherwise, just roll!

The CushPocket Wheelchair Bag is patented and trademarked by me, Jason, who has a T2-T4 Complete Spinal Cord Injury.

If you're cleaning around the house, it's perfect for moving things around, holding cleaning supplies, or whatever you need. It's there to hold a bunch of stuff.

You can wash the CushPocket on a cold, delicate, hand wash cycle.

I'm your customer service – whatever you need, email me, and I will contact you back!

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