CushPocket Products Update



The CushPocket Bag is undergoing improvements! I'm adding Velcro to the top. The zipper is YKK, featuring blue or pink rope in the finger loops. I've incorporated a few more upgrades to enhance its functionality!

CushPocket has achieved success, and this ongoing momentum enables me to enhance the CushPocket while maintaining an affordable price!

With input from my designer, wheelchair users, and reviews, we are consistently refining the CushPocket!

I'm diligently working on the CushPocket and anticipate having the improvements, upgrades, and options available in April 2024.

I am also developing a CushPocket without a board, catering to users who cannot use it under their seat cushion.

Additionally, I'm working on a backpack. This poses challenges, and I've been testing prototypes. I'm grateful for the ideas emailed to me by several users, and I'm incorporating some of those suggestions into the design of the next bag!

In line with my mission, I am focused on creating practical products to enhance the safety, functionality, and wheelchairs aesthetics!

All suggestions are welcomed. Please email me at

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