About Us

I'm Jason Leuck, an entrepreneur, dad, and husband to Jessie, who is a C6-C7 quadriplegic. I also became a T2-T4 paraplegic in 2008 due to a spinal cord injury, which left me paralyzed from the chest down. I use both manual and power wheelchairs to get around.  Madonna Hospital in Lincoln is where I did my rehab. 

My professional background centers on prototype and product development, as well as sourcing manufacturers and freelancers, fostering enduring relationships. Since my injury, I've embraced personal and professional growth. Initially, transitioning from refurbishing heavy equipment was challenging. However, I explored diverse job opportunities while prioritizing rehabilitation and nurturing a burgeoning passion for entrepreneurship, particularly within the wheelchair industry.

In 2011, relocating to Lincoln marked a significant milestone. There, in the Haymarket, I met Jessie in 2015—she relies on a power wheelchair for mobility. Our shared struggle to find accessible storage solutions sparked the idea for the CushPocket Wheelchair Bag—a practical and accessible solution for carrying essentials. Leveraging my product development experience and inspired by our journey, I utilized 3D printing to create prototypes, refining the product until achieving its patented design, functionality, and quality.

In essence, I'm the proud designer of the CushPocket Wheelchair Bag—an innovation protected by trademark and patent. Recently, I introduced my second life-changing product, The Püllow™, designed to enhance bowel care for paralyzed individuals and shower commode wheelchair users.

All my products are original innovations, each uniquely crafted to address specific needs.

Stay tuned for my upcoming one-of-a-kind products.

My mission is to invent, innovate, create, and develop products that solve problems for individuals with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities.

And it all began with:

Inventor Pneumatic Can Crusher, Saint Bernard's Catholic Grade School, Omaha Nebraska 1995.