Revolutionizing Bowel Care: Innovative Püllow™ Eases Daily Struggles for SCI Individuals

Revolutionizing Bowel Care: Innovative Püllow™ Eases Daily Struggles for SCI Individuals

In response to personal challenges faced by paraplegics and quadriplegics. The Püllow™ emerged as a groundbreaking solution for successful bowel management. Born out of the inventor's own experience with plastic-wrapped pillows, the product underwent a meticulous design process, leveraging previous manufacturing expertise. This innovative half-moon-shaped foot pillow, equipped with waterproof and washable features, promises to transform the lives of individuals using shower commode chairs. With a significant impact anticipated across the SCI community, caregivers, rehabilitation centers, and manufacturers, With its new name The Püllow™ introduces a new era in bowel care practices.


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